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Saturday, July 31, 2010

First day back.

I'm back.  My mom trusts me again and so I have more privacy now.  I'm so terrible you guys.  I have to start all over now.  My mom made me eat and made me gain.  I'm so annoyed.  I lost 20 pounds, and its all back now because my stupid family has been watching me like a damn hawk.  I need to lost it all before school.  I have like a month, I'm going to try so hard. But I need help, its been so long I barely remember any of my tricks or tips that I learned from all you guys.  So please, post comments and suppoort.  Tomorrow starts my first day back, and I'm going for 100 calories, and some exercise.  Wish me luck, I'm scared to be backk. I don't know how I'll do ): 

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