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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thankyou guys so much for all your supportttt (:

I have been commenting back but I don't really know if anyone knows when we comment back unless they like check againnnn, so I'm just gonna say thank you here to everyone who had ever commented on my postsss.  You guys are so sweet, and very helpfulllll.  I love you all to death, and if you weren't here, I'm prettty sure I would have died by now from loneliness, thank god for the internet right? (:

Today didn't end up so bad.  But tomorrow will be better.  I wanna plan out what I'm gonna eat all day.  I'm gonna do it now actually.

Breakfast: 3 egg whites (51) + Coffee [black w/ splenda] (<1)
Lunch: Apple (80) [more of less depending on its size]
Dinner: Light progresso soup (140) [max. if I finish the whole can]
TOTAL: 271
Snacks that are allowed:
     -Pickle half (10)
     -Rice cake (35)
     -10 baby carrots (20)
     -Diet soda (0)
Only two snacks allowed all day, combination must add up 35 or less.  No more than 35 calories in snacks allowed.

Good luck to me tomorrrrow, and all of youuu (:

Starve on,

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