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Sunday, February 21, 2010

SOS - please help me girls ):

I am seriously the most pathetic girl you will ever meet.  I'm disgusting, and an embarrassment.  I'm surprised Ana hasn't just left me all together.  I have just been doing so horribly.  Its been far too long since I've really restricted for a good amount of time.  I don't want anymore days where I just eat regular, or binge.  Like, even if I'm not binging and I'm just eating regular, I still feel awful about it.  Then I never get time to run! I'm so pathetic.

I need serious help.  I just need to be thin.  I have one month and thirteen days to lose as much weight as possible.  I need all of your help pleasee.  Like I'm begging.  Just any kind of tips you have, any filling foods that are low in calories you can think of, any kind of special exercises or things to think about so I won't eat.  Anything special that you may do that helps you a lot, please just help.  I'm so happy to have you all here to talk to...and now I'm just begging for your help.  I need this.  I promise that if you help me, I will somehow repay you.  I just need help...I'm desperate ):

I really hope that some of you will comment tips and stuff, I just really need it.  Anything that could help me lose this horrible weight.  You girls are all so strong and amazing.  I need you now more than ever.  Please.  Thankyou so much if you help...I promise I will comment you back if you help me.  I'll leave it on your posts, so you can see it without having to come back to my bloggg.  Thankyou so muchhh.

Help me,

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  1. hey girl
    you certainly arent pathetic! we all have our bad days and weak points, but that doesnt make you a bad person. i know its hard to keep focus, but you can do it!

    filling foods low in cals:
    low-fat oatmeal (160 cals a bowl)
    celery (6 cals a stick)
    apples (60 cals per apple)

    try to eat food with fiber in it. the fiber will keep you feeling really full, plus it will keep you regular lol so you will continue to flush things out of your body. as well as this, drink water like crazy. dont chug it, just sip on a bottle at all times. also tea, but dont add milk or sugar to it; maybe just splenda or something to give it a better taste. even just warm water with lemon juice.. warm things keep you feeling full as well.

    make sure you keep busy all the time so you dont get bored and start looking through the fridge. anything really can keep you busy.. housework, going for a run, even getting a hobby like scrapbooking or drawing can be helpful!

    stay strong lacie!!
    love, s. xo