Discipline is remembering what you want.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why us?

I wish this wasn't so hard.
So many girls don't have to try.
They are beautiful and thin.
They don't work as hard as we do.

All of us struggle.
We stare at our empty plates.
Yet she eats mcdonalds.
And buys a bikini the next day.

We stare in the mirror.
And we pinch at our tummies.
Too much is there.
Why is she so lucky?

What made them better than us?
Why did they deserve to be thin more than us?
They don't even know what they have,
Those girls who are perfect.

They don't realize that girls like you and me,
We kill for their body.
We work so hard.
We starve, and purge, and starve.

Yet we always feel the same.
Bones reveal themselves,
And the number on the scale decreases,
But its never enough.

We strive to be better.
We strive to be thin.
We strive to be beautiful.
We strive for perfection.

When will we ever be enough
For ourselves, and for everyone else?
When will we be perfect?

Why us?
Why are we the unfortunate ones?
Why do we have to try so hard?
Why didn't we deserve to be beautiful too?

They're so lucky.
They're so pretty.
They're so thin.
They're who we want to be.

But it will never be enough.


  1. Its not fair :(
    I have a stick friend who eats take away three times a day.. I wishhhh i was like her.

  2. Ugh people like that are just so lucky.