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Thursday, December 31, 2009

130 !

As of today, i am officially 130 pounds! I was so excited i could hardly contain myself!  I can finally set my new goal, which is what i have been waiting for.  I'm happy i got to 130 for new years.  But i'm scared of new years tomorrow.

I'm having my friends sleepover for the whole new years eve thing and we are going to have junkfood.  I'm not eating all day tomorrow, and i am going to resist as best as i can tomorrow night.  I think i will do better than i anticipate.  I hope so atleast. 

My two day fast went really well.  I didn't eat anything until 12pm tonight.  Then i ate some fruit and a couple other things.  Nothing to worry about since after tomorrow night, or maybe even including it...the rest of my break is a fast.  I'm not planning to eat at all.  Its just better that way.

Anyway, i still am missing justin a lot.  And i am getting really upset with my boyfriend, he's not very good at being my boyfriend.  Do you believe that he didn't talk to me since sunday, and then i finally texted him tonight to see what was up.  He just sucks at being my boyfriend.  Justin was such a good boyfriend and i miss him being my boyfriend because i love him so much and he always made me happy and always made me smile.  He talked to me all the time and i always felt like he really wanted to too, you know?  I miss that.  I miss having a good older boyfriend.  He was just so much better at it. 

Starve on,

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