Discipline is remembering what you want.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today would have been perfect if i wasn't forced to go out to stupid dinner.  I had a fruit bowl, and i know thats not so bad but i really wanted today to be a complete fast.  I had to go though, my parents wouldn't let me refuse.  That makes me mad.  I don't need other people getting in the way of me being thin.  I don't need that at all.  I wanna do this and not have anybody interfere.  From now on, on here i am going to plan out what i am eating the next day.  I will not let myself stray from it.  I have a track meet tomorrow, but i am not running.  I just go and watch.  Whatever. 

After the whole christmas binge, i lost weight.  Thats crazy.  I ate so much food, and i went down two pounds!  What the f*ck right?!  Whatever, i'm going right back to my normal schedule of 150 and below.  I would try the ABC diet that so many like so much, but i don't think i could bring myself to consume more than 200 calories a day, i would just feel so bad about it.  Maybe i'll make my own special diet.  I don't know, i'll think of something.

Tomorrow's eating schedule:
Breakfast- two egg whites with salsa (39)
Lunch- half an apple (22)
Dinner- half an apple (22) + half pickle (10)

Okay i'm going to follow that exactly, no cheating i promise.  Nightttt.

Stay strong, starve on,

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