Discipline is remembering what you want.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I can't really write much today because i have to go to sleep. This post really goes for December 7. I fell asleep on the couch in the basement and i just woke up now, so i'm like super tired.

I did so good today. I had two egg whites for breakfast (34) and i had a little bit of ketchup with it (7), which adds up to 41 calories. I only had breakfast because i need some energy to run for track. I also ate six baby carrots cut in half at lunch, which is 0 calories because they are negetive. At track i ran about 3 or 4 miles, so i felt fine about what i had to eat. I didn't have anything after that, i've made it all the way til now without having anything to eat. Its the best i've ever done.

I have a food diary now, and i was so happy to see that only 41 calories were comsumed today, and probably way more were burned off when i ran. My goal for tomorrow was to do exactly as i did today, meaning no dinner and no eating after track.

Whenever i think about eating, i just think "Saying 'no thankyou' to food is saying 'yes please' to thin." And thats the perfect thing because it really makes me not want to eat anything. I took a bath today to get my mind off of eating, which worked for a little while.

I'm so tired right now so i think i'm going to leave and go to sleep, i have school tomorrow and i need to wake up at six and be able to run after school, so goodnight.

I will be thin,

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