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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Fast

What a terrible, terrible day so far.  I was planning to fast until tonight, but i didn't do so well.  I ended up eating, and i know it was no more than 500 calories, maybe less...but it still makes me feel awful.  I'm not planning to eat at all tonight, and then tomorrow on the new year, the first day of 2010, i will be starting my new years fast.

I'm going to fast tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.  On Monday i'm going to eat my usual weekday breakfast, which is two egg whites with ketchup or salsa (39), because i have a track meet that afternoon which i'm running in i'm pretty sure.  On Sunday night i'll post my schedule for the week, I"m not completely sure yet.

I know that i can have fun tonight with my friends without eating.  We'll be baking cookies and theres gonna be brownies and chips though, so i'm going to really have to try.  I'm begging you Ana to help me.  Its all i need, is the will power to not put anything but water and coke zero in my mouth tonight.  I know i will do well.  I will not break down.

Now that i'm finally to 130 pounds, my new goal is 125.  I want to be 125 by Sunday, January 10th.  I am going to do really strict dieting the coming week so that i can reach that goal.  I cannot wait until i am below 120, i'm going to start to feel so much better.

Anyway, wish me luck on my new years fast!  I"m hoping that everything will go smoothly.  No more eating today, and everything will be okay.

Starve on,


  1. Glad you're determined, too. Good luck.

  2. Heyyy!
    Thanks for following me! I've read a few of your posts and I can completely relate to you :) Also, well done on reaching your goal, and good luck with the 3 day fast. I'm planning a 3 day fast starting tomorrow as well so hopefully we can both get through it! x

  3. Thank you so much you guys for following me (:
    And to Rachel you're welcome (: i'm so glad i finally have some people to talk to (: and good luck with your fast tooo (:

  4. Hey...Im also doing a 3 day fast, I know of quite a few people who are, its like a tradition. Ive only just started blogging for myself, although Ive been following others for quite a while and Ive had an ED for almost a year now. It would be great to get to know you, good luck on your fast xx
    Ps, If you have time maybe you could check my blog? I feel loney at the mo!

  5. hii, i'm now folllowing your blog haha (: and i'd lovee to get to know you too. I've felt so lonely for so long, i never have anyone to talk to about this stuff...so i hope we'll talkk (: and good luck to you too (: !