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Monday, December 14, 2009

Today was very good. I had only 104 calories, and i plan to keep it to 100 or below tomorrow. I feel better after my horrible weekend now because i ran four or five miles today, and i didn't barely eat. I didn't have dinner, but i had my usual two egg whites with salsa in the morning (39) and then at lunch i ate a half of a hollowed out bagel, which after some caloric math, i estimated to be about 65 calories. And i just had one cherry tomato, just to taste something. So my total was very good. It was a very good day for me.

Its something about mondays, they're just like a fresh start and i always do well on mondays. Now i try to see it as each new day being a new start, and i hope that works for me. Like tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day and i'm going to do well. I'm thinking about skipping breakfast, but i cannot decide. I may make it smaller by only using one egg white instead, and then just bring some negetive calorie vegetable with me for lunch, like a couple pieces of carrot or celery or zuchinni or cherry tomatoes. I don't really know yet, i guess i'll decide tomorrow morning.

I've found that when i try to really plan what i'm going to eat exactly, that i do much better. Kind of like i have a checklist of what i'm eating that day, and once i've checked everything off, then i'm done and everythings okay. I don't know if i'm going to weigh myself tomorrow either, i might wait until wednesday, because i feel like it would be a better feeling if i anticipated it more. I think it will, but i might cheat and weigh myself anyway tomorrow. Its just so hard to keep away from the scale.

I also did really well with distractions today, like watching a movie or reading or something. I did really good, i finished the rest of Dear John, which was probably the saddest book i have ever read in my whole life. You have to read this book, i can't even describe it to you. Seriously though, go to the closest library or barnes&noble and get it and read it. It will distract you majorly, and make you cry. Its a movie now too, i'm not sure when its coming out but i am without a doubt going to see it. I'm excited, but i know that i will cry!

Its getting colder out. I'm always cold, like you can't even believe it...well maybe you can. Its ridiculous! I'm all bundled up in my winter coat and i'm freezing still. I can't believe its still going to get colder here! I have no idea what i'm going to do when it does, i may not make it to the end of the winter haha. I told my mom that the other day and she laughed. Its just so ridiculously cold out and i am beginning to not be able to handle it! I miss the summertime when it was so hot, and i can't wait until i go to florida again with my best friend carly. Its always so hot and humid there, i know i'll be comfortable.

I'm going to go to bed now, because i need some more sleep. I went to bed late last night and i was pretty tired today, so i'm gonna go. Bye bye.

Stay strong, starve on,

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