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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I love safe foods!

I love jello! Its officially one of my safe foods. I have some safe foods that i can eat sometimes, and i'm so happy they aren't high in calories at all.

My safe foods:
sugar free jello- 10 calories a serving
two egg whites with a tiny bit of ketchup- 41 calories total
quarter of a pickle- 5 calories
unsweetened iced tea with lemon and 0 calories sweetener- 0 calories
diet coke (only on occasion)- 0 calories
flavored aquafina water- 0 calories
baby carrots- negetive calories
cooked broccoli, zuchinni, and a mushroom chopped up with salt and pepper- 0 calories because of the negetives
half a six inch banana- about 45 calories
1 apple- negetive calories
celery- negetive calories
cucumbers- negetive calories
zuchinni- negetive calories
mustard- 0 calories

Let me know if you know of any others!

So anyway, i've offically lost 14 pounds. My current weight is about 136, and by the end of sunday, i want it to be 130. I'm doing so well, it makes me feel good when the number on the scale goes down. It makes me not want to eat anymore too, because i actually feel like i'm making some progress. I love it.

I saw justin bieber tonight...live! haha, and owl city and cobra starship and jay sean and the fray. That was pretty amazing, and i did really well at the concert too. I had a couple sips of my friends sprite, and one tortilla chip with salsa on it. I am pretty proud of myself for that. I could have totally pigged out, thankgod i didn't.

I think my brother may have accidentally seen this blog, i'm scared that he may have because i don't want him to tell my parents. I don't want anyone to know in my family because they'll try to make me stop, and i'm getting closer and closer to my goal weight by the day! I will not stop ever, this is what makes me happy. He better keep his mouth shut if he saw this.

I wouldn't have been so happy with myself today if i hadn't found out that i lost more weight, because i ate a little more than usual. I had two egg whites with ketchup for breakfast (41), four baby carrots for lunch (negetive), jello after track (10), the chip and the sprite that i explained earlier (50-100 calories maybe) and jello after the concert (10). So my total today was about 161 calories if i take the high of the soda and chip. I usually have less than that, some days i even get away with just the 41 calories from breakfast. It wasn't so bad today, but it could have been way better.

I'm very pleased with myself lately, my clothes are starting to fit losely, and my jeans fall down a little. Thats one thing i may have a problem with, getting new clothes. My mom may not want to buy me more stuff. My best friend has some size 3 jeans that i might be able to wear soon if i need them, and she has some lower sizes too if i get smaller, which is comforting. I can't wait until i get as thin as i want to be. Its going to be great. I think i'm gonna go to bed soon because i'm starting to feel hungry, and i really don't want to eat anymore today. So goodnightttt.

Stay strong, starve on,

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