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Monday, January 25, 2010

1050 calories

1050 calories BURNED on the treadmill !  I was so happy with myself.  This is the second day in a row that I did that!  The best part is that I didn't even eat that much today...I think I might have ended up eating like 600...only because my mom made me have some dinner (Homemade cheese burger with mustard and weight watchers round bread thing as a bun)  170 + 100 = 270 + 170 (coffee thing) = 440 + some grapes which was probably like 50 so like 490...okay now that I did the math I know its not 600 haha.  But anyway that just makes it better.

Anyway...today wasn't such a bad day...but tomorrow is going to be much better.  I'm going to plan out what I'm eating right here, because fasts only lead to binges for me.  I'm not gonna do them so much anymore.  I write the weight I want to be on my left hand now though (125) so whenever I think of eating I just look at it and then I don't want to eat anymore.

Breakfast - 2 egg whites + ketchup = 41
Lunch - 1 honey crisp apple = 80
Dinner - 1 cup a soup + 4 saltine crackers = 103
TOTAL: 224

Track tomorrow too, so I'll burn all that off.  Plus I might run or walk on the treadmill to get rid of an extra 400 - 500 calories, I'm not sure yet though.  Tomorrow is going to be a good day...I just know it.  I'm going in with a good attitude...hopefully it will help me.

I need to start losing again.  I'm sick of staying at the same weight, or going up!  I'm not going up anymore.  I swear to myself that I will weight 100 by the end of May.  I know I will.  I'm strong, I'm not weak.  I can do this, and Ana will help me. 

From now on, my new daily limit is 300 calories.  If I go over it, then I do my 1000 calorie exercise on the treadmill.  Otherwise, I think I would stick to like a 600 - 800 calorie exercise.  Those are like normal for me.  I've only done 1000 before because I felt like really guilty about the day.

Tomorrows going to be good...I know it.

Starve on,

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  1. I've started writing my goal on my left hand too :) Its a great idea. Can I ask how long you are on the treadmill for to burn 1000 calories, as that is a hell of a lot...great work :) x