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Saturday, January 2, 2010

That much closer

I feel so amazing about myself right now.  Today was the second day of my fast, and i didn't eat anything!  I was in New York City, and i still managed to get away without eating a thing.  Cody and his dad had pizza, and i told them that i just started taking a new allergy medicine and couldn't eat until six or i'd get sick, so i sipped a diet coke...which made me feel so strong.  I didn't even finish it haha.

Any way after that when i got home, Michelle (my sister) made dinner and really wanted me to try her chicken, so took a bite, but i didn't swallow it!  Yay me, i barely even chewed it haha.  I told her it was amazing, but i wasn't hungry enoough to eat it because i ate pizza with cody (when i didn't).  I feel very good about myself right now.

I just weighed myself and i'm so excited because i weigh 129, which tomorrow after i sleep will be less!  And i'm going for a run tomorrow i think, if i have time because i have so much homework, but it will be atleast a five mile run.  I'm going to be at 125 before i know it!  Tomorrow is the last day of my fast, and i'm confident that i will do just fine.  I'm strong, and i'm gonna make it.

I also bought new ugg boots today!  The cute bailey button ones, in chocolate.  I love them!  And i got to go to the Epic Hollister in New York, which was amazing as well.  I bought two new hoodies.  I also went to a huge American Eagle and a huge Forever 21...which was also cool.  I had a very good day.  I saw the pretty tree too and the ice skating rink, and i saw loads of confetti all over from the new years celebration.  It was pretty cook, i had a lot of fun.

I'm going to go now to find something to do, because i'm pretty confident that i will not binge tonight.  I'm just doing so well.  I might even extend the fast to monday too, based on how i'm feeling monday morning before school.  I won't be running in our meet on monday anymore because i missed a practice, but i don't get to come home until like 11pm!  Whateverrrr, i'm on such a high right now (:  Okay stay beautiful ladies!

Starve on,


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  2. hey thanks so much! (: I'd love to hear from you too, i'd probably use my aol email too so it would just be like laciestanton@aol.com.
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