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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cut short

So i decide to cut my three day fast to two days, because i'm starting a new special fast tomorrow thats going to last the whole week.  Its easier to fast when i have school and track anyway.  I ate today, more than i should have, but my fast t his week will fix it all.

I wanna call it my breakfast fast, because i'm going to eat an under 50 calorie breakfast to jumpstart my metabolism for the day, and then i'm not going to eat at all the rest of the day, until breakfast the next morning.  I think its a good idea, but i might come up with some more breakfast ideas because i might get sick of my usual egg white breakfast. 

I'm going to start the week with a complete one day fast though, tomorrow i'm just not going to eat at all to make up for how what i ate today.  Then tuesday will start the breakfast part of the fast.  Thats all i'm going to be eating the whole day, just breakfast.  I think its going to work.  I want this to go until friday, but i don't know how i'm going to do.  We'll see.

By the end of this week, i hope to be closer to 125, i think the breakfast thing will help because if my metabolism is going all day and i'm not eating, then it will burn calories that i haven't eaten and everything will be perfect.  Not to mention i'll be having track practice too so i'll just be burning off my breakfast anyway.  I'm also going to go to bed earlier to avoid late night binging.  Wish me luck!

Starve on,

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