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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lately i'm so thankful for this blog.  It makes it so that when i'm thinking about eating or something, i have a distraction.  Its very very helpful.  Plus i just recently got some followers haha, and i met some new people who are just like me and that makes me feel like i'm not so alone.  I'm thankful for that too.

I'm up so early because i'm going to new york soon!  I'm excited to go shopping haha, i have money so its going to be fun.  I'm also happy to see Cody.  I was sort of angry with him on new years eve, but then on new years at like 2am, i decided that being mad at him on new years was dumb, and bad luck.  So i'm not anymore, even though i had good reason to be.  Whatever, its no big deal.  He really has been good to me, so i should be good to him too, no matter how much i miss justin.  Justins not good to me the way Cody is.  Cody deserves my love more.

Or thats what i keep telling myself.

I'm just gonna leave it for now, i have enough to deal with and i don't need guys in that mix.  I have a wonderful guy, and i should treat him well while i have him.  One time, when i was really sick, and i was craving some chicken noodle soup, he brought me some!  Haha, he's so sweet, and it was the healthy harvest kind too, so it wasn't bad for me.  It made me smile.  Whenever i think about Justin, i just think about that one time, and it reminds me that Cody deserves me more. 

Just let me keep telling myself that.

Anyway, now that i've totally gone off topic and made such a long post out of what was supposed to be like a short two paragraph one, i'm gonna go.  I'm probably just gonna sit here and read everyones blogs until i leave, i'm just so bored and i don't want to eat anything.  So i'll be back later tonight, expect a post (:

Starve on,

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