Discipline is remembering what you want.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm embarassed to talk about my day today, so i'll talk about how good yesterday was.  I followed my eating schedule perfectly, except i didn't eat the soup because i slept like, as soon as i got home from track.  That was really good.

I'm fasting tomorrow because i'm scared my family might want to go out to eat.  I'm also planning on going on a run if the weather agrees with me.  Maybe like four or five miles.  I'm just in the mood to run.

I've found that when i eat, it makes me feel so light headed.  Maybe because now my body is used to not eating?  I don't know, but i like that feeling because it reminds me not to eat anymore.  I have to be 125 soon, i just have to.  I hate still being like 130, i just feel so gross.  I have 30 more pounds to go until i set a new long term goal.  I need to start moving faster, and controlling better.

Starve on,


  1. congrats on following your schedule so well. &don't worry about a 1-day fuckup. 130 to 125 was tough for me too. but you can do it. think thin, stay strong.


  2. I know how it feels when a body reacts to food. I broke my 3 day fast yesterday to eat and after eating my stomach began to growl very loud.

    Good luck on the fast tomorrow! :D

  3. ugh i just want it to come fastttt, and yeah i know it stinks because its like you eat, and then you're hungry right away afterwardd.