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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm backkk.

I haven't posted in so longg because of my midterms this past week.  I've missed it haha, but I was just so busyyyy!  I think I did pretty good on all my exams though, so thats whats important.  I'm sad though...because I'm back to 135.  I cried on the scale this morning.  I'm going to fix it.  I have to.  Bathing suit season is coming soon and I have to be skinny.

I think that now since my sister went back to college, I will do better.  She would always cook stuff and make food and I always felt bad because she would want me to try it or something or she'd make it for us.  And she's just so sweet haha, and she's a really good cook!  Anyway, I think I'll do better now that she's gone back. 

I plan to really restrict.  I won't eat more than 300 calories a day.  I will try not even to eat that.  I'm going to try to avoid planning fasts, they might just happen, but I don't wanna plan them anymore.  Whenever I like plan to do one, I just end up ruining it by binging.  So maybe they'll just happen randomly and then I won't bingee.

Also...coffee is a new addiction.  Thank god it has like, 0 calories.  I don't put anything  in it except for splenda...so it stays at that.  I love it.  It fills up my stomach so I'm not so hungry, and it gives me energy that I need for school and stuff.  I just love it so much.  Its so goooood.

Okay anyway, wish me luck for this coming week.  I'll be back on mostly every night or every day again, so you'll hear from meee (:

Starve on,

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